Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ten Months

Wow!  We have officially entered double-digit months!  Kai has also made his way out of the teens in pounds and weighed in at 20lbs 3oz this morning.  He is roughly 29 inches long, meaning I really need to find a convertible car seat that I like as Kai is about to max out his infant carrier!

At ten months Kai is:
-wearing size 3 diapers
-wearing (but mostly swimming in) 12 months clothes - a lot of his pants are still too long
-wearing size 3 shoes
-being offered 6oz every 4 hours but is usually only drinking about half (at daycare)
-eating three meals a day plus usually one afternoon snack - feeding himself at all meals except his oatmeal for breakfast
-taking 2-3 naps a day (mid-morning, early afternoon, sometimes after daycare)
-going to bed around 8:00 (give or take depending on naps)
-ACTIVE!! (crawling, cruising, standing, crawling over...constantly moving!)
-still not sleeping through the night (but is occasionally having better nights)

*Not much is new this month besides the amount and type of food that he is eating.  He's now eating pretty much all finger foods and loves chicken, baked beans, peas, green beans, Cheerios, toast.  He likes fruit but gets frustrated because of the slipperiness of it!

Daddy is so funny!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dear Kai...

I wish I could bottle up all of your sweetness as of late.  You are great at giving hugs and I even thought you were learning how to give kisses this weekend.  I leaned in for a smooch and you opened up wide for a slobbery baby kiss.  You get the BIGGEST smile when Mommy or Daddy gets home or picks you up from daycare.  There is nothing better after a long day than seeing that toothless grin! You have become quite attached to the people you see often: Mommy, Daddy, Kamie, and Mommy's family.  You are not a fan of strangers as a look of panic crosses over your face.   

That little smile just melts my heart!

You have also become such a good eater!! You have always liked everything we served (it took a little longer on sweet potatoes) but now you are definitely become more independent in the food area.  You prefer to feed yourself over eating pureed baby food.  Cereal with fruit is about the only food you'll eat from a spoon these days.  You are still eating a pureed fruit or veggie at lunch, but I think that will be coming to an end soon.  Some of your favorites are: peas, scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, green beans, and almost any fruit.  Oh! Kamie told us that you LOVED baked beans but we haven't fed you any at home.

You are definitely growing up.  I often wonder why I get so sad thinking about you getting older and especially as we approach your first birthday.  I think it's because I fear that you won't need your mommy anymore.  Lately you've been a mommy's boy (just like when you were a newborn) and it makes this growing up thing a little easier, thinking that maybe you still do need me at times. 

I love you baby Kai. 

Mommy  <3 br="">