Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dear Kai...

There are so many things at 14 months that I never want to forget.  I am so thankful that I am able to spend the summer months at home with you and learn more and more about you every day.

You have recently gotten "hooked" on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I say "hooked" because it usually only lasts about 10 minutes or so before you are off and doing something else, but this is the most you've ever watched t.v.  It all started one morning when you woke up before I was finished getting ready for work.  I plunked you on the bed and turned on the Disney Channel.  You were glued!  Now, our summer routine has become: wake up, watch Mickey for 10 minutes, realize you are hungry for breakfast, finish watching Mickey while eating breakfast. 

Speaking of breakfast, you are definitely good at knowing meal and snack times!!  In the morning, you will go over to your highchair when you are ready for breakfast.  Then at snack time, all I say is "Kai, do you want a snack?" and you are headed for your chair.  Lunch and supper is a little difficult.  As soon as you know that food is being prepared, you want to be up in your chair eating!!  For awhile you went on a kick where you wouldn't eat fruit and now it's the first (and sometimes only) thing you eat!!  

At 14 months, you are incredibly social!  You LOVE playing with the kids in our neighborhood and if you were older, I could probably let you wander on your own while I watched from the driveway.  Sorry buddy, you'll have to wait a couple of years before I let that happen.  Although I'm sure the older kids would take great care of you.  Besides the 6 month old baby next door, the closest in age to you is 3.5 years old and they sure do love you!  

I've said this many times, but I sure do love your sweetness too.  In the morning and after a long morning of play, you can usually be found snuggled up on the couch with your binky and blankie.  I don't know if I've seen anything sweeter.  

For the longest time I was so sad to see you growing.  Of course I wanted you to be healthy and grow, but I was so sad to be losing my baby.  I think I'm finally okay with it because I'm seeing that your love for your mama is still strong and you are so fun at this age!  

Happy 14 months baby boy!  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm baaaack!!!

Wow, it's been awhile!  I had to be reminded by a friend to blog.  Sad.  Maybe I should have kept up with monthly posts just so I had something to write about.  However, my lack of blogging is definitely NOT because I have nothing to say, it's actually the opposite of that!  I'll try my best to fill you in on what Kai has been up to since his birthday!

Kai had a series of ear infections that we just couldn't get rid of starting on Easter weekend.  He was on antibiotic after antibiotic and then we added allergy medicine to the mix.  We finally decided to make a trip to the chiropractor before we went back to visit the doctor again.  Kai had 3 appointments with the chiro and guess what?!!  The infection is gone!! However, there was still some fluid in one ear so we have an appointment (on Thursday) with an ENT.  We'll see what he recommends, but for now, we are thankful to be medicine and infection free (although Kai really loved the medicine)!!

He LOVES playing outside!!  Lately, he will bring us his shoes to put on and then ours and stand by the door waiting to go outside.  It's pathetic really, especially with all of the rain we've had lately and not being able to play outside as much.  He is definitely happier outside.  That makes this mama happy because I'm looking forward to a tan this summer!!  We weren't able to spend much time outside last summer because it was just too hot for a teeny baby!

Thanks to daycare, we have gotten into an amazing routine!  He takes naps so wonderfully, but about 3 weeks ago he gave up his morning nap.  One day he took a morning nap and the next he didn't, but he wasn't fussy or acting tired without it, so now he is down to one afternoon nap (about 2-3 hours).

The sleeping issue has always been a touchy subject around here.  I'm sure you all remember reading my monthly posts saying "still not sleeping through the night."  Well guess what?!  He's finally sleeping all night!!!  Kai gave up bottles and breastmilk about a week before his birthday, however, I was still breastfeeding at night IF he wanted to.  This lasted about 2 weeks after his birthday.  Finally, I stopped altogether and he slept through the night!!!  It was like I flipped a switch: no breastfeeding = sleeping baby.  I'll remember that for baby #2 someday. :)

Words from our 13 month old:
Hi Dada
Puppy (sounds like pu-key)
Yucky (maybe..??)
Hot (sounds like ot)
Wa-wa (water)
I think I've maybe heard a version of "book"

A lot of these words he'll only say if we say them first, but it seems like he's adding a new word daily!!

Oh, and we definitely have a binky and blankie lover!! He's always been a binky lover, but he knows that we keep them on the counter and he'll go over to the wall under the counter and reach up and cry for one.  The love of the blankie just occurred within the last month or so.  When he gets up in the morning, he'll usually point to it for us to grab it.  Then he cuddles up with cute!!  As busy as this little boy is, he sure does give some good cuddles when he's tired!!  His last day of daycare was Friday (for the summer) and our provider even said that she would sure miss his hugs!  Sweet boy!!

I'll try to keep you updated on our summer adventures!