Monday, April 30, 2012

Nevada Guests, Bottles, and a Birthday

Tyson's mom (Grammy) and sister, Kylee arrived on April 19.  They were here for a week, getting to know their new grandson and nephew.  We hadn't seen them since our wedding, almost 2 years ago!!  It was a tearful goodbye for Grammy and Aunt Kylee as they left, but we're looking forward to (hopefully) seeing them at Christmas time!  

5 seconds after walking in the door :)

3 generations
 My mom came to spend the day with us on Wednesday, so we snuck in a 3 generation picture!

3 generations

On Thursday night (April 26), I wanted to try to give Kai a bottle of breast milk.  I had plans to go out for dinner with Elizabeth on Friday night, and I wanted to make sure that Kai would eat while I was gone if needed.  I warmed up 1.5oz of milk and handed the bottle over to Tyson.  Kai didn't even flinch!  He chugged the bottle and was hungry for more.  I felt much more relieved about dinner on Friday.

We tried another bottle on Sunday (3 oz) and he had no problems with that either.  What a good baby!!
Daddy gets to join in on the feedings!!

My mom's birthday was on Thursday, April 26th, so on Friday my mom, Wendy, Ava, Kai, and I decided to celebrate!  First we went to Evansdale to take advantage of their city-wide garage sales.  It was a little too cold and windy to spend much time there, but Kai still scored some outfits for this fall/winter.  Next we were off to Barn Happy in Cedar Falls.  We ate a delicious lunch and then, as Ava would call it, enjoyed some 'Happy Birthday cake'.  Afterwards, we walked around and checked out all of the goods throughout the barn.  Kai and I then came home and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.  (Sorry, no pictures from our fun day!)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2 weeks

Yesterday we went to see Dr. Smith for Kai's 2 week check-up.  Kai tipped the scale at 8lbs 7oz and 21.5in long.  He is definitely growing!!  Luckily for me, he still seems really tiny. :)

At two weeks Kai is:
-wearing newborn clothes
-wearing newborn diapers
-eating about every 3-4 hours (during the day and night) - the longest he's gone is 5 hours
-pretty good at tummy time already (and has been since day 1)
-strictly breastfeeding, but we will probably try a bottle of breast milk soon!

Dr. Smith wants us to get Kai on a schedule, which would be feeding him every 3 hours.  Tyson and I are hoping that this will allow for Kai going longer stretches of sleeping at night.  Lately he's been eating at about 8:00pm and then not waking up to eat again until 1:00-1:30am.  However, after that, he's back to every 3 hours.

1week 6 days

2weeks 1day
Getting in a little tummy time

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our New Normal

Our lives have definitely changed over the past 13 days....but they have changed for the better.  We have a new normal around here.  That normal is spending more time at home.  It's rushing home from work and not staying to finish "one last thing".  Our new normal is spending lots of time on the couch, as a family of three.  My new normal involves much less sleep, but when I look at this sweet little face, I know it's all worth it.

This is how they spend their weekends!

Wendy and Kai snuggling

Cousin Ava is making sure Tyson gets that diaper changed correctly

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

41 weeks and a Birth Story

Well, as I mentioned before, my due date of April 2nd came and went and still no baby.  We had a schedule induction for April 9th, which put me at exactly 41 weeks.  When I woke up that morning, I was still have ZERO signs of labor, so I wonder how much longer I would have gone in this pregnancy had Dr. Hintz not decided to take things into this own hands. :)

41 weeks and leaving for the hospital!

Yep, it's baby time!
We arrived at Allen Hospital at 7:00am and got checked into the Birthing Center in Suite 10 (2 doors down from where Ava was born).  Our nurse, Michelle, asked a million questions about family history and I signed a million waivers. :)  At about 8:25am, Dr. Hintz showed up to check me and inject some gel that would hopefully start labor.  I was 4cm and 50% effaced.  Dr. Hintz then made an estimate of how big Baby Burton would be - he guessed 7lbs 2oz.  Before leaving, he said that I wouldn't like him very much in about 20 minutes, meaning contractions should be starting then.

Nurse Michelle - I would beg for her again in the future! We loved her!

My mom showed up at 8:30am to spend the day with us!  At about 8:45am, I started feeling contractions, although they just felt like cramps.  Nurse Michelle was having me get up and walk around every so often.  I never had to slow down when I was walking and still had a smile on my face.  The three (plus baby) just hung out in the room or strolling through the halls for the next 4 hours.  We had been told that Dr. Hintz would come back up over his lunch hour to break my water (probably between 12:30-1:00) so Tyson thought it would be safe for him to make a quick trip to the cafeteria for lunch and make it back by 12:30.  Well, Dr. Hintz was about 10 minutes early and broke my water while Tyson was still eating lunch.  It's okay.  He didn't miss much.  This time before Dr. Hintz left he said "If this doesn't piss you off, I don't know what will."  That made me a little worried.

Could they make these gowns any less flattering?!
About 5-10 minutes later, the contractions were getting stronger!!  Michelle had told me that I would still be able to get up and walk around, but that never ended up happening.  Wendy had sent me a text message during this time as well, asking how things were going.  I responded with "Swearing a lot now."  Hahaha!  Wendy ended up getting off work early and arrived around 2:00pm maybe (I was in so much pain I really don't know).  I also soaked in the tub, which apparently worked because the contractions were getting A LOT stronger so obviously baby was working his/her way down!

After I couldn't handle it anymore, Tyson helped me back into bed and Michelle came to check me again.  She said I was at 5-6cm and then said she would call for the anesthesiologist to come up! I couldn't believe it!  I knew I was in pain but I really thought I would have to be more dilated!  The next thing I knew, Steve Punke (someone we know from Snap Fitness) was in the room to give me my epidural!  I was so happy, but a little scared as well.  I had been told about how big the needle it and I hate shots!  It turns out that I barely even felt the tiny pinch in my back.  Ahhh...relief!

For awhile I didn't think the epidural was completely working because I still had feeling on my left side.  I finally realized it was working when Michelle asked if I could feel the contraction that I was having and I had to say no!  I received the epidural at 2:30pm, just 2 hours after my water had been broken.

I think the epidural is working!
I spent the next two hours relaxing in bed.  My dad arrived and went to pick up Ava with Wendy.  Around 4:20pm, Michelle came back in to check me.  She said I was complete!!  I couldn't believe it!  She told me that I wouldn't start pushing for about an hour, which would allow for Baby Burton to make his/her way down and then I wouldn't have to push for as long.

Michelle stopped back in at 5:20pm to check me.  She could feel baby's head!!  She started getting things ready while my family went to the waiting area outside the room.  I started pushing at about 5:30pm.  Dr. Hintz arrived at 5:45pm.  Tyson was in charge of counting while I was pushing.  He definitely mastered counting to 10, over and over again. :)

Finally at 6:06pm, everyone told me to sit up and look.  I could see baby's head!  One last little push and out came a healthy baby BOY!!! He was wiped off with a towel and put on my chest.  I couldn't believe this tiny miracle that I was now holding.  I could tell he was perfect right away.  I remember thinking how tiny he looked, until they weighed him and told us he was 7lbs 11oz, 20in long.  He seemed so much smaller than that when I was holding him.  The nurses then asked if we had a name.  Right away Tyson said "Kai Michael" (don't worry, we had previously discussed this and knew this was his name).  Eventually, Tyson went out into the hallway to tell my family (and his mom, Nana, and sister via phone) that it was a BOY!!  We didn't share the name though.  I wanted to be there for that.  Finally, my family was welcomed into the room to meet their brand new grandson, nephew, and cousin.  Baby Kai was loved already!

He is absolutely perfect.
We were in love right away!
 We had lots of visitors on Tuesday and we then released to come home on Wednesday.  It was a little surreal bring Kai home on Wednesday.  I carried this baby for 10 months and was constantly thinking about who this baby would be, what he/she would look like, etc, but it's hard to wrap your mind around it all until it really happens. 

My whole family joined us for supper on Wednesday night and then my mom stayed until Saturday morning.  She was a HUGE help!!  I knew all along that I could do this.  I could raise a child and I knew Tyson could as well.  However, those first few days out of the hospital are overwhelming.  There isn't a nurse bringing your medicine to you every 6 hours.  The nurses aren't here to tell me it's time to feed Kai or to ask if I've checked his diaper lately.  They also aren't here for us to have them watch him while we get some sleep and then roll him into our room when he's hungry.  However, my mom makes a pretty good nurse and did all of those things AND cleaned and cooked. 


We all thought that Baby Burton would have been here by Easter.  I had dreamed about dressing him/her in the cute "My First Easter" onesie from the Malcolm's, putting bunny ears on his/her head, and laying Baby B in an Easter basket for pictures.  Instead, we spent Easter with Baby B via my tummy. 

Tyson and I hitched a ride with the Malcolm's on Easter morning to Dumont.  We met my parents at church, where Ava decorated all of us, including the pew, with Dora and Sesame Street stickers.  Then we all headed back to my parents' house where the Petersen clan met us for lunch.  After lunch, the Easter bunny had some eggs and candy hidden outside for Ava to find.  She was in sugar heaven!  Ava and Baby Burton also each got an Easter basket filled with books and a couple of outfits. 

The Malcolm's then went to see Darren's family, so Tyson and I hung out at my parents' house.  Tyson and my dad napped while my mom helped me make some burp cloths for a friend.  We headed back Sunday night to spend one last night as a family of two!!

Last Easter picture as a family of two

Ava is a pro at finding candy!

The Malcolm's (the sun was a little bright)

Friday, April 6, 2012


....but have no fear, there is an end in sight!!  We went in for our regular doctor's appointment today.  Dr. Hintz said that I'm at 50% and 3cm.  He stripped my membranes and then we set an induction date for Monday (4/9) at 7:00am.  He did say that stripping my membranes could start contractions tonight around 8:00-9:00pm.  If I'm not feeling anything tonight, then it's just coincidence if I go into labor before Monday. 

On the plus side, Wendy and I were able to get one last picture together.  Sadly, I felt like we were standing really far away from each other, but our bellies are almost touching!!

40weeks 4days/25weeks 3days

Monday, April 2, 2012

40 weeks

I'm still here and pregnant!  Chasing Ava around on Saturday and then driving the lawn mower/raking on Sunday apparently didn't do the trick.  However, I think that everyone else is more anxious for Baby Burton to arrive than I am.  Everyone has their own idea of how to go into labor, but I think this baby might be stubborn enough to reject anything that I do anyway!

Let's pray this is the last weekly update (I'll try to get one before we go to the hospital...whenever that may be).  I appreciate this baby allowing me to experience the pregnancy for the FULL 40 weeks, but time is up! :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finished nursery....but still no baby!

This post is probably long overdue because the nursery has been finished for awhile.  I would eventually like to add some more artwork, but for now, it's perfect!  We're only missing one thing.....a baby!!!

Bumper made by my mom and myself. Glider painted by Tyson (recovered by my mom's friend)

Curtains made by my mom and myself.

Artwork done by me!