Friday, December 31, 2010

It's Still Winter....Right??

On Christmas Eve we got 8 inches of how is it almost gone already???  Ok, there's still a lot of snow out there.....but all roads, sidewalks, and anywhere tracks had been made in the snow are now clear!!  Our deck went from looking like this on Christmas morning:
Isn't it beautiful?? :)
To this 5 days later (12/30):
Oh look! That's a table under all that snow!

To this 1 day later (12/31):
Check out the race track the dogs next door made:
It's a little blurry because there was rain on the window
I'm not ready for winter to be done.  Although I really dislike the cold, we haven't had a snow day yet!!  Who cares that I have to make it up in June??  I just want one day to wake up and see "Waterloo Schools Closed" on the little ticker on the tv.  So...I'm still hoping for more snow! :)  I have faith that it's not over yet, as it is currently freezing raining (is that how you say it??) right now. :)

And yes, I'm sure that a month from now when the temperatures haven't gotten about 0 in weeks, I'll be regretting this whole post!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Time!

Well...Christmas has come and gone already!  It seems like it went even faster this year than ever before.  Tyson and I were in Mexico for both the Meinders and Pecha Christmases, so we missed out on those.  We also missed out on putting up our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving (it didn't get put up until December 11!!) 

We did things a little different this year with my parents, Josh, and the Malcolm's.  Wendy and Darren wanted to start some traditions with Ava (like opening Santa presents at home on Christmas morning) so we decided this was the year to start.  My parents and Josh came to Cedar Falls on Christmas eve and we all (including the Malcolm's) went to the service at Prairie Lakes.  Then we headed over to Wendy and Darren's for snacks, drinks, and games.  Ava even got to open some presents before she went to bed!
This gift was a huge hit!

After I finished beating everyone in Farkle and my dad was falling asleep (wait, had already fallen asleep) we decided it was time to head home.

The next morning, Tyson and I got up and exchanged gifts and also opened some gifts from his mom, nana, sister, and some of Tyson's clients.  He definitely hit the jackpot on giftcards! We'll be eating out for months! (They must know I don't cook - I gave up on that)  After opening gifts, it was really hard to get moving and packing to head to my parents' house.  We were supposed to leave by 10:00 and were pulling out of the driveway at 10:15.  (We still beat the Malcolm's!!!) :)  However, Tyson decided to just stay in his pajamas (he said he'd shower at my parents' house later - which never happened:) ).

We checked out our loot from Santa (sadly, my mom said this is the last year Santa is stopping by for us - but he'll definitely still make a stop for grandkids!)  Santa's gifts were followed by breakfast and then the gift exchange between the 7 (plus Ava) of us.  Ava definitely beat us all out on gifts!

We then laid around all afternoon, ate supper, and then the games started!!  I can't even count the number of games of Scattegories we played!  We also added in Mad Gab too, but Darren was starting to go deaf from my dad screaming in his ear, so we had to take a break from that.  Oh, we also tested out my parents' new surround sound.  For some reason the guys all thought that to get the full effect, the volume needed to be as loud as possible! 
Look what my parents got for Tyson!

Even sock monkey needs a bottle

One of the MANY gifts she got!

Ava is helping Uncle Tyson win in Scattegories

The day after Christmas was spent sleeping in, napping, and laying around again.  Tyson and I finally headed home around 3:00pm.  It was a great Christmas and I'm already looking forward to next year!  We're planning to buy a 9ft tree (with new ornaments) hopefully this week sometime.  Next year we're hoping to have a basement to decorate for Christmas as well, which is where our current tree and decorations will go!  We have 10ft ceilings, we need to get some use out of them!!  We also got some great Christmas decorations from my parents that I'm looking forward to using next year as well! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cozumel part II - The Honeymoon

On Monday (day after Ironman) we lounged by the pool, met some other Ironmen and significant others, looked at Tyson's blisters, sunburns, broken goggles, and aero bars for his bike. 

On Monday night we took a taxi into town for the award ceremony and dinner.  Tyson also did a little shopping at the Ironman finisher store.  :) After the dinner/award ceremony, we went back to the resort to indulge in the all-inclusive drinks!

Tuesday was spent by the pool in the morning and then a spa day!!  We BOTH got massages, manicures, and pedicures.  We had the opportunity to spend an hour in the jacuzzi and sauna before our massages.  I was pretty much forced into the sauna (a little senorita escorted me there).  After sweating out every ounce of liquid in my body and burning my feet, I opted out of the "relaxing" sauna and sat in the jacuzzi.  Tyson stayed in the sauna.....but kept coming out for air and water.

Tuesday night was spent like most other nights....dinner and drinks :)

Wednesday was a crappy day.  We headed out to the pool, despite the fact that Tyson told me it was cold.  We were in Mexico and we were spending as much time as possible in the sun.  About 20 minutes into our "pool day", it started raining.  And it did not stop....and it rained harder.  Finally we gave up and ran to our room.  We spent the rest of the day napping and trying to translate Mexican television.
He's sad about the rain
We didn't want to go out in the rain for dinner, so we ordered room service.  Too bad they don't deliver drinks....although I don't think we asked...

Thursday was another beach/pool day.  We wanted to go snorkeling, but it was a red flag day so we couldn't do it.  After we had soaked up enough rays, we challenged each other in 2 games of horse...yes, the basketball game.  Tyson won one and I won one.  Although after I won he told me he didn't like my rules....sore loser! :)  This was followed by another night of food and alcohol! :)

I'm wearing my "newlywed" swimming suit but forgot to get a picture!

On Friday, we took a ferry over to Playa del Carmen.  The water was really rough and I was feeling a little sea sick.  The ferry ride was about 30 minutes.  We did lots of walking, lots of shopping, a little eating, and a little drinking before we took the ferry back to Cozumel.  We spent most of the day in Playa del Carmen.  The ferry ride back was not much better....only this time I was afraid of throwing up the strawberry daiquiris I had had.  We made it, but even Tyson was feeling a little woozy.  The was was really rough!

The ferry

Now Tyson thinks we need a pet monkey

He begged me to take this
  On Saturday, Tyson rented us a scooter (or in Tyson's words: a Mexican Harley).  We drove it to the east side of the electricity, a few bars/restaurants, and the best beaches for miles and miles!!!  We drove past everything and stopped at the very last bar.  Then we worked our way by to the west side, stopping at bars and also found one GREAT beach spot.  We had it to ourselves and I FINALLY got in the water!  We both agree that this was the best day in Cozumel!

The Mexican Harley

Making our mark at Andale's

Like our helmets??

We headed back to our resort to catch the sunset for our last night in Cozumel. We both practiced our photography skills :).

Now, remember when I said Tyson always has bad luck flying?  Well, it happened on our way back.  We left Cozumel (flying to Cancun) 45 minutes late.  No big deal right?  We thought we were supposed to be on the Chicago flight at 1:30.  So our flight left Cozumel at 10:45 (it's supposed to be a 15 min flight).  We circled and circled and circled some more. I finally closed by eyes because it was making me sick.  We finally landed in Cancun AN HOUR later!!  We grabbed our bags, hopped in a shuttle, and were taken to the other part of the airport.  We went up to the AA desk and the polite lady told us our flight was currently taking off!! I started to panic a little.  Apparently our flight had been changed a couple weeks ago??  Anyway, we wouldn't have made it due to the delayed flight anyway. The lady begins checking flights...nothing, nothing.  Finally she says "we are completely booked.  Worst case scenario, you can either stay in Cancun or Dallas overnight and you'll be home tomorrow."  WHAT?!!  I have school tomorrow!  Now I need a sub and we didn't pack our laptop!! I need to email my team for lesson plans!! I have nothing ready!!  Ok yes....I freaked out a little, but it all happened in my head. I didn't say any of that out loud :).  Except for maybe to Elizabeth as I frantically sent her a text message asking her to get me a sub and alert my team that I would NOT be returning tomorrow.  So about 20 text messages 50 cents each (it was important!) we got it all figured out. 

We found a hotel when we landed in Dallas, got a good night's sleep, and finally boarded our flight on Monday at 2:30.  We made it home safe and sound (with much colder temps and snow) around 8:00pm!

Now...when's the next vacation?!?!

Tyson Burton....You are an Ironman!!

We're back from the honey...and have been for a week! :)  We arrived in hot, humid Cozumel on Thanksgiving day.  No issues flying on the way down (Tyson ALWAYS has bad luck).  We spent the first few days doing Ironman stuff - Tyson went for swims, runs, bike rides in the mornings while I slept in (every day).  Then we'd either lay by the pool or head to town for more Ironman stuff - meetings, bike check in, packet pick up.  Finally on Sunday, it was race day!! Tyson got up
 at 4:00am and took off to catch the shuttle to Chankanaab, where the swim and T1 were held.  I caught the 6:15am shuttle, arriving at 6:30am to Chankanaab.  The pros started the swim at 6:40am and were followed by everyone else at 7:00am.  The swim started right where the dolphins swim so they were doing tricks while we watched! 
The dolphins were doing tricks right in the middle!
Look at all the swimmers!
As soon as the triathletes started swimming, I headed up to the "bike-out" so I could see Tyson when he left on his bike.  I knew I would have to choose between seeing him get out of the swim or go off on his bike, so I picked bike. 
Here he comes!

And there he goes! now the camera starts flashing "change battery pack".  Great.  I wasn't able to go back to our resort.  I took a shuttle into town and spent the rest of the morning, afternoon, and night in town....with a dead camera.  Ugh.  Who would think to charge their camera before a 15 hour event??  Apparently not me.  (Sorry Tyson!)  Anyway, the crowd was great in town - music, yelling, noise makers, dancing.  As the triathletes rode through town, they were welcomed by thousands of cheering fans!  I saw Tyson on his first and second loop through, but he only saw me on the second loop.  I then headed over to watch the run.  I got to see Tyson a lot during the run!  They ran out and back and did that 3 times, so I got to see him 6 times! 

After he went out for his 3rd loop, I went to the finish line to watch others finish, and also so I could score a good spot for when MY Ironman finished!  I got a spot right behind the finish line, hoping I could get ONE MORE picture out of the camera!  I did!!! It isn't great because I took it really quick, but it proves that he did it! 

He finished in 15:16:31....with 1:44 left to spare.  :)  (They have to finish in 17 hours)

Way to go Tyson! I am so proud of you!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mud, Creeks, and an Iowa game

This was  BUSY weekend (for me anyway).  Friday night, Elizabeth and I headed to Urbandale to spend the night.  On Saturday, we ran in the Living History Farms race.  It's 7 miles through the woods, fields, mud, and creeks but it is SO much fun!  We didn't get any pictures taken :(  but we dressed up as the 80s.  We had side pony tails in scrunchies, leggings, big sweatshirts (with the necks cut to show our sports bras).  We finished and hurried back to shower. 

Elizabeth and I then went our separate ways: she went back to Waterloo and I went to Iowa City to meet Tyson for the Iowa game.  He had been tailgating since about 8:30 that morning.  I arrived in Iowa City before the game started, but drove around looking for a parking spot for about 30 min, so I ended up being about 10 min late for the game!  The game was fun, even though Iowa lost!  (booo!!)  After the game, it took us over an hour to get to I-80 to get home!  (My parking spot ended up putting us right where EVERYONE else was parked).  We made it to Cedar Rapids, ate at Chili's, and then finally got home around 10pm.  We pretty much went straight to bed; it was a LONG day for both of us.  (Sorry, no pictures from the game either!!)

Today, Tyson spent the day on the couch watching tv and reading, while I spent the majority of the day at school.  I've been spending every Sunday there since I started and feel like I get nowhere every time.  Although today I got my room rearranged and really love it now!! One of these days I'll hopefully feel like I'm not always trying to catch up.  I guess that's what happens when you get hired 2 months after school started!

Anyway, we leave for Mexico in 4 days. We'll be staying in Moline on Wednesday night, catching a taxi to the airport Thursday morning, and on our way to Mexico by 6:15am!!  We are both SOOO excited!  Now....what to pack?!  :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tyson's birthday weekend

Tyson's birthday was on Friday (11/5).  He had mentioned the week before that we hadn't been to Jack & Arnie's for a long time, so we decided we would go for his birthday.  So, we headed there after work on Friday.  It was a pretty busy place! :)  We stopped at a friends' house on our way home because they had gotten Tyson a cupcake from Scratch bakery.  Luckily for me, they actually got TWO, so we came home and enjoyed a birthday cupcake for each of us.  I also gave Tyson his birthday present, which was tickets for us to to go a Wakey! Wakey! concert in Iowa City on Saturday.  He's known for awhile that we were going to go to IC, but he didn't know why until Friday night.  (We found/heard of Wakey! Wakey! on One Tree Hill, so if you watch the show, you know what I'm talking about)

On Saturday morning, Tyson got up early like usual and I slept late like usual.  We lounged around, watched the Iowa game, and then finally showered and packed our bags for Iowa City.  We left around 3:00pm.  We stayed at the Holidy Inn Express in Coralville and right next to it was the Black & Gold store.  Tyson wanted to go there before we went to the concert.  They literally have anything Iowa Hawkeyes that you can think of!  We didn't end up buying anything, but we were kind of in a hurry.  Maybe we'll have to make a stop back....or maybe I'll have to go for some Christmas shopping.... :) :)

The concert was at Blue Moose Tap House downtown.  We got there a little early (my fault!) so we had a couple drinks and waited for the band to start.  There were 2 opening acts before Wakey! Wakey!  When it was finally their turn, Tyson was like a little kid in a candy store!  He was smiling ear to ear and couldn't wait for them to start! Hahahaha!

After the concert, we were STARVING!! However, nothing is open at 11:30pm for dinner :).  We finally found an Old Chicago so we enjoyed dinner at midnight, just as their kitchen was closing.  They probably hated us, but there was another table that ordered at the same time as us.  On Sunday, we slept in all morning.  Well...I did anything.  Tyson read his book and  We headed home at about 10:30am.  Tyson spent the rest of the day relaxing and sleeping, and I headed to school to get my classroom ready!

***Pictures to come from the weekend.***

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vampire Ladybug

Yesterday, Cedar Falls had trick or treat on Main so Wendy took Ava to see the Jiva girls.  They didn't do the full trick or treating this year....Ava's fangs wouldn't be able to chew up all of that candy! :)

Tyson and I wanted to see Ava in her costume, so Wendy brought her to Snap for a Halloween cookie!  It turns out that I bought the world's crumbliest cookie, Ava loves to play with the ab ball, and she likes to bounce on the Bosu ball.  Maybe Tyson can start offering childcare after all?  :)
Yummy cookie!

This cookie is hard to eat in this costume!

Ava is in a food coma after that cookie!

Yay for Halloween!!