Monday, January 30, 2012

31 weeks....single-digit weeks to go!!

Wow!!  We've entered the single-digit week countdown! 

"The Bump" website tells me this about baby:    
 Baby may have turned so she’s in the head-down position by now, poised for her trip down the birth canal. And you may have noticed your nipples looking darker. That’s so a preemie can see them for breastfeeding -- isn't your body so amazing?

Baby is the size of a squash!!

Remember...I'm officially 31 weeks, but this is my 32nd week of pregnancy

I've been having my fair share of Braxton Hicks lately.  Tyson can't believe how hard my belly can get sometimes!  Oh, and I'm definitely filling out my maternity clothes.  I have been for awhile but I still had some shirts that I thought would be too big forever.  Nope....they are fitting now!

My parents came down again this weekend and my mom and I worked on the curtains for the nursery.  We got one done and I had homework to finish the other on my own.  After church and some cleaning on Sunday, I sat down and got the other curtain finished.  They look great!!! I just have to wait for my mom to come ONE more time so we can get the bottom hemmed to where we want them to hit on the window.  Our next project is to cover a glider that we got from my grandma....however, my mom found someone to do that for us.  The only part I'll have in that is buying the fabric.  Tyson, however, is going to sand and paint the wood on the glider white to match the rest of the furniture.

Pinning on the curtain tabs

Oh look! My mom helped too!!  :)  Actually, I'm not sure what we would have it is wasn't for her GREAT teaching!!

Done!!  And the zigzags even line up added bonus!

Coming shower hosted by Wendy on Saturday (2/4) and doctor's appointment next Thursday (2/9).  At our last appointment, I signed a 'waiver' and also submitted our paperwork to get us registered or admitted or something like that! Haha!  Either way, it was kind of like we made our reservations for labor and delivery!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

30 weeks and a BUSY weekend!

Yesterday, I entered my 30s (in weeks)!!  I'm part of a group on Facebook with women that are all due within a couple weeks of each other.  There was a girl who is due 1 week before us and....she had her baby YESTERDAY!!!  That made me panic a little bit....this baby could be here before I know it!

Baby Burton should be weighing in at approximately 3.2lbs and about 18in. long....which makes baby the size of.....a head of lettuce!!


I also found out that with my uterus being pushed to about 4 inches above my belly button (which is still an innie), all of my organs are being pushed in other directions.  This explains why on Sunday I kept telling Tyson that I felt like I couldn't breathe!! 

Oh, and did I mention that I passed the glucose test from last Thursday?!  Well, I did!! :)

Now, on to our BUSY weekend. 
On Friday, (Tyson's day off), I was BLESSED with a snow day!!  We both spent the day being lazy and it was great!  On Saturday, Tyson had another day off.  My parents came over around 12:30pm and my mom and I got right to work on some sewing projects.  My dad had a few errands to run and Tyson took a nap.  By the time Tyson woke up, we were almost finished with project #1....the crib bumper!  We took a break to order pizza from Tony's and bring it over to the Malcolm's, where we all enjoyed a little Ava-time!  

On Sunday, my parents and us went to the early church service and then we took them to Morg's for a late breakfast.  If you've never been to Morg' need to go! It's a teeny, tiny hole-in-the-wall breakfast/lunch place in downtown Waterloo.  
After breakfast, we headed back to our house to drop Tyson off before heading to the Sports Show at the UNI dome.  We had some time before Wendy and Ava were going to be ready, so my mom and I got to work on sewing project #2....nursery curtains!  (I was left with homework for those and we should finish this weekend).  

Next up was the Sports Show.  Tyson stayed home while I went with my parents, Wendy, and Ava.  We watched a duck race and then dreamed about living the luxurious life in all of the RVs that were WAY out of our price ranges.  We left just as it was ending and it turns out that was good timing.  My parents got home just in time to avoid the worst of the weather.  
Here are some pictures that my mom took from our sewing extravaganza!! (in no particular order)

Making sure it will fit around our sample bumper
Starting to sew the panels together

Adding ribbon to tie to the crib rails

Cutting the curtains

It fits!! Adding ribbon

In action

Look at that technique!!

Ahhh....I LOVE it!!! (no sheets yet)
Sunday - pinning the curtains