Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday Funday

Today was the day of my 2nd half-marathon.  I wasn't feeling great about it, but I knew I could finish.  The hardest part going into this race was that I didn't feel confident that I would beat my time from my first half....and I didn't.

The race started at 7:00am and it was PERFECT race weather.  It was in the lower 60s and when I finished, in the 70s.  The majority of the race was done on shaded trails through Cedar Falls anyway.  Through the first 7 miles I was feeling pretty good and averaging about 9 min miles.  I started to slow down a little after that and started hitting every water station just for an excuse to walk. :)  At about mile 9.5 a guy who I had been running alongside earlier came by.  He said some encouraging words and told me to run along with him (no, I didn't know him).  He kept me going and helped me finish strong.  I think I was even more encouraged not to stop and walk because I DIDN'T know him.

When I was going around the last turn before the finish line, I saw my favorite fans: Tyson, Elizabeth, Wendy, Ava, and my dad.  It was refreshing to see a familiar face as there were very few people cheering us on during the race because it was on the trails.  My new friend Russ (I think that's his name...hahaha) and I finished in 2:06.  So, like I said before, I didn't beat my first time but that didn't matter when I finished.  I was just happy to be done.  Now I have a new time to beat! :)

(Pictures to come!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goodbye BlackBerry, Hello HTC EVO

Yep, we did it.  Tyson and I both gave up the BlackBerry (aka CrackBerry) for the HTC EVO.  So far, so good (although we've only had them for about 7 hours now).  Tyson had been having some issues with his BlackBerry lately; it just wouldn't charge!!  He would charge it all night long and wake up to a 1/2 charged phone....which would then immediately die.  I, on the other hand, was due for an upgrade (in February!!!) so on Saturday we went on a shopping spree at Sprint.  Our new phones were ordered and they finally came in today!

Tonight we went to eat at Beck's and we were both playing/learning to use our phones that the waitress had to come back several times before we were finally ready to order.  The first three times we hadn't even looked at the menu yet!! 

I've only heard good things from others with the HTC so I'm guessing we'll be more than satisfied.  The one thing I know I need more practice with is the touch-screen keyboard!!  I think my first few text messages I sent took me about 5 minutes to type! 

Isn't it beautiful?  :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beginning of Summer....

Sorry, I've gone AWOL again.  I wish I had a good reason.  It's really just because I'm never really sure what is blog-worthy.  However, from the multiple requests lately to update...maybe anything and everything is blog-worthy.  Who knew?!

Over Memorial Day weekend, Tyson and I made a spontaneous trip to Minneapolis.  Spontaneous as in Tyson sent me a text message Saturday morning from work asking if I wanted to go, and we left Saturday afternoon.  We went to the Twins vs. Angels game (Tyson has a friend who is the bullpen coach).  After the game Saturday night, we met up with his friend, Steve, for drinks at the W hotel.  (Ever heard of it?  It was pretty amazing!)  On Sunday, we caught the first few innings of the game and then headed to Dumont to end the weekend there.  Darren, Wendy, and Ava were there as well, however, only Ava and the Burton's made it a sleep-over!  On Monday morning, we ate breakfast and went to the Memorial Day service at the cemetery before heading back to Cedar Falls.
First time at Target Field!
Action shot of Steve pitching during warm-ups!

The following week was going to end my first year as a teacher!  The kids were in school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then the teachers had a short in-service and room-cleaning on Friday.  It was an amazing year!  I couldn't have asked for a better class or better colleagues!  However, summer break is nice too.

On Friday after school, Elizabeth, my mom, and I left for Wisconsin!  On Saturday we were going to be walking/running in the Susan G. Komen race.  We arrived at Kim's house in Mt. Horeb on Friday night and enjoyed a few drinks on the deck.  It was a great way to end the last week of school!!  Saturday morning started early!  We left for Madison (about a 30 min drive) around 6:30am.  Elizabeth and I ran the 5k, while the others walked.  Saturday afternoon was spent playing Farkle and indulging in one too many margaritas!  Elizabeth and I even had to take a nap before finishing the night at the Mt. Horeb Frolic!!
After the race!
Farkle....Mike was getting too much sun :)
Nap time
We had to get a picture with a Mt. Horeb troll!
Rejuvenated and ready to Frolic!!!

Other things happening: I've been training for the Sturgis Falls 1/2 Marathon (it's officially 2 weeks away!!).  Tyson is still as busy as ever with work!!  He will be competing in another 1/2 IronMan, with his friend Kevin, in August so he's started some training for that as well.