Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Recap of Twenty-Thirteen

January: We rang in the new year with Tyson's family from Nevada!  This was GG's (Great Grammy) first time meeting Kai.


A few weeks after they left, I totaled our beloved Toyota Sienna.  :(

February:  We started exploring with solid food (finally getting his first tooth too) and discovered snow!!


March: We had a fun sleepover with Ava during spring break, moved Kai into a big boy car seat, celebrated Easter, and Kai got his first ear infection.

Look at what the Easter Bunny brought!

Waiting at the doctor's office...poor baby!

April: Kai started walking and one week later we celebrated his first year of life!

May:  We had one last snowstorm and then geared up for the summer!

June/July: We made friends with our new neighbors, played with Ava & Ella weekly, hit up story time and the pool, along with other fun adventures.  We also enjoyed a relaxing vacation to Sleepy Hollow Resort in Minnesota & a stop at the Como Zoo on the way home.

August: We enjoyed a weekend of camping before heading back to school and daycare.

September: Kai and I both battled a weekend of the flu.  A week later, Kai went on his first airplane trip to Nevada with Daddy!  They headed out a week before me and I joined them on the weekend for a wedding.

October: Two more weddings, UNI Homecoming, and Halloween/Nevada Day!

Future Panthers?

November: Kai enjoyed a sleepover at Nana &Papa's while Tyson and I headed to Iowa City to cheer on the Hawks!  We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Dumont.

Showing interest in the potty - but nowhere close to being ready.

Daddy daycare on Black Friday

December: Christmas in Florida...enough said! :)

We had a great 2013 but are excited to see what 2014 has in store for the Burtons! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

18 months

Kai is officially 1 1/2 years old!  We had his doctor's appointment this past week and he tipped the scale at 26 lbs 4 oz (70th %ile) and 32 inches tall (50th %ile).  Kai had usually been around the 50th percentile for both, but he must be packing on some winter weight right now. :)

At 18 months Kai is:
-wearing size 4 diapers
-transitioning into 18-24 month or 24 month clothes (jeans and sleeves need to be rolled)
-wearing size 5 shoes
-becoming Daddy's boy more and more
-putting together 2 & 3 word sentences (I'll try to list some at the bottom)
-inseparable from his binky and blankie (aka nigh-night)
-a pro at puzzles, animal sounds, pointing things out in books, and matching shoes (see pictures)

Words & Phrases at 18 months:  (I know I won't be able to name them all)
-Nene (Wendy)
-Buddy (nickname for daycare friend)
-Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
-Scout (his puppy pal)
-circle (???)
-yellow (???)
-num num num (for a snack)
-hotdog (sounds like dadog - from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
-blankie (usually called nigh-night)
-uh oh
-thank you
-out (usually signaling that he is "all done")
-hop hop
-pee pee
-cheese (for pictures)
-There it is
-No no ________  (insert name - usually Daddy or Mommy)
-Thank you (insert name)
-Here you go Mama (sounds more like Here go Mama)

Animal Sounds:
-lion, tiger, bear (ROAR for all)

Identifies Body Parts:
-pee pee  :)

Kai will attempt any word you ask him to say, but a lot of those he won't repeat without prompting.  The only word he uses sign language for is "more" which I think he learned from story time this summer.  Kai has been a quick learner all along and I know that I am probably forgetting half of the words and things he can do/say.  It seems like every day he has learned a new word and this mama can't keep up!! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dear Kai...

I am writing this letter to you for a very specific reason.  As I type, you are sound asleep in the next room.  In a few short weeks, Mama will be heading back to work and you back to daycare.  I'm getting teary just typing those words.  We have had such a fun summer, haven't we?  That is the purpose of this letter -- to wrap up all of those summer memories so we can cherish them forever.

Our summer started out slow and cold but I was so happy to be home with you.  I remember that first week, trying to come up with fun adventures for us everyday.  By Wednesday, I was out of ideas! The weather was not cooperating.  We went to the mall, library, Target, and discovered toys that we had forgotten about at home.

By week two, we were into a routine.  We went to story time almost every Monday morning and made some new friends.  We set up play dates for Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and then Thursdays and Fridays we spent with the Malcolm girls.

There are so many things that I want to remember about you from this summer but I think I can do it best in pictures....

....your love of bikes.  I can just feel how much you want to keep up with the "big kids" on the street...if only you could ride a bike.

....your fearlessness.  A leech?  No problem.

....your love for these two girls.  I think you are going to grow up knowing that it is your job to protect them.

....being anywhere outside is your happy place.  Parks, pools, name it - you love it.

....the ease at which you could make friends.

....your BLOND hair.  Yes, it is coming in and it is is blond.  You are a heartbreaker with that blond hair, dark brown eyes, and tan skin.

....saying goodbye to your almost toothless grin.  You've had two teeth since right before your birthday and in the past couple of weeks we've seen and felt at least 4 coming in at once.  You are being a champ, but I'll be sad to see your gummy smile go.

....your love of the water!  Swimming lessons came at the end of the summer but luckily you enjoyed the water long before.  Although I'm with you on the temperature....put me in cold water and I'm outta there!  You seem to have the same opinion.


....our play dates.  Honestly, you would play with just about anyone, but it's nice to have some friends your own age too.

....the fun we had at story time.
Story time at the Arboretum

Arboretum after story time

Last day of story time at the library
 .....your love for rides!  We took you on rides at Sturgis Falls and the Franklin County Fair this year and you loved them all!

I mean, just look at that smile.

I hope you enjoyed this summer as much as I did!  I can't wait to make more memories this winter and for summers to come.

Love always,