Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'....

Look what I caught on camera today!

Kai - 7weeks 2days

Memorial Day weekend

This year for Memorial Day weekend, we decided to spend it at my parents' house.  We took off on Saturday and as soon as we arrived, we ate lunch and then my dad and Tyson got busy!  Their project for the weekend was to clean out some of the buildings at their house.  They've become somewhat of a dumping ground over the years and decided it was time for a little "summer cleaning."  Because of how windy it was, Kai spent the day in the baby carrier and then bundled up in his car seat and stroller while my mom and I potted some flowers to add to her garden(s).  My mom then "paid" Tyson in steak for dinner!  After dinner the wind finally died down, so we were able to sit around a fire outside....Kai too!!  He also slept his best yet....6hrs 15min!!

Ready to go!

It's so sad that no one pays attention to him  :)

On Sunday, I got up early with Kai, but we both ended up falling asleep in the living room for a few more hours.  Then we ate breakfast and my mom and I got ready to go visit my Great Aunt Edna (Kai's Great Great Aunt).  Josh showed up right before we left and then the 3 men got to work outside on another building.  First, my mom and I stopped by my cousin's house for them to meet Kai (they were having a 'pool party' with their boys outside) and then we stopped by my aunt and uncle's house.  Finally we made it to the cemetery to put a flower on my babysitter's grave and water the others that my mom had brought up earlier.  Then we went to visit Edna.  She LOVED baby Kai!

Kai & Edna
When my mom and I got home, this is the scene we saw:

Tyson's first time driving a tractor!
It was nap time for Kai, so we let him sleep inside for awhile, but then decided that we could rig up a way to have him outside and out of the wind....

Then we wrapped a burp cloth around his head for a hat
On Monday, we went to the Memorial Day service at the cemetery and then headed home.

Hanging out at home

Love this little smile!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

School's Out for Summer!

It's been a busy week for us!!!

Monday: 6 week check-up for me.  Afterwards, we stopped by the Malcolm's because my mom was watching Ava.  I let my mom cuddle Kai while I played with Ava. 
6 weeks old!

Tuesday: In the morning, we walked across the street to the park to play with Ava and Wendy for awhile.  Then, as soon as Tyson got home from work, I handed off Kai and left for the talent show at school.  I knew a group of girls from my class would be performing and I couldn't pass up the chance to see them in action.  They did so great, along with all of the other acts! 

Wednesday: Kai and I went to 'Lunch on the Lawn' at school (a picnic lunch) and then watched the 5th grade students do a balloon release and tree planting in remembrance of their classmate & friend, Oliver Palmer (a brother to one of my students).
Hanging out at home after spending the day at school

Thursday: We had a relaxing morning at home, followed by a quick trip to Target.  After dinner, I started getting gifts ready for my students.

Water bottles with Kool-Aid inside

Have a "Kool" Summer!
Friday: Today marks the last day of school for the students!  Kai and I picked up mini Scratch cupcakes before heading to school.  I handed out books, gifts, and cupcakes while the students "oooo-ed" and "ahhh-ed" over Kai (again).  Soon after we got back home, Wendy and Ava came over to give Kai some lovin'. 

I had to bribe them with a silly picture in order to get a good picture.

I'm going to miss these kiddos!
Thanks for the cute outfit for Kai!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Road Trip!

On Friday we packed up the mini van and headed to Minnesota.  This was Kai's first long car ride.  I fed Kai at 1:00 and then we left to pick up Tyson at work in Waverly.  He had some things to finish up so we got out of there late and I knew we would have to stop for Kai to eat at 4:00. 

And we're off!

We were just past Clear Lake and Kai woke up right on time at 4:00.  We ended up pulling into someone's driveway so I could crawl in the backseat and feed him.  Then back in the car seat he went and he was out until we got to the hotel.  He did great!  He slept in his pack n' play and I forgot the poles that were needed for the bassinet part of it, so he ended up sleeping on the bottom. It all worked out fine anyway. 
Swaddled up in the pack 'n' play

On Saturday we got up EARLY and headed to Somerset, WI for the Tough Mudder.  Tyson and a group of friends were competing.  Through the 90 degree weather and being stuck in a car seat ALL day, Kai did great again.  I snuck away to the van a couple of times during the race to feed him and then back in the car seat he went.  He slept pretty much the whole day and then on Saturday night he slept the best yet!  I decided to try swaddling him again (which I gave up at about 2 weeks) and he ended up sleeping from 11:00-4:00!! Then off & on from 5:00-7:00 & 7:30-9:30! 

Before the race started

How Kai spent his day

Up and over the first wall!

Here they come!

Ben helping Emily up "Mount Everest"

Jason jumping off "Walk the Plank"

Tyson getting ready to jump off "Walk the Plank"

Jason running through "Electroshock Therapy"

Some of the group at the end!

"Twinkle Toes" (this one isn't in the right order)

On Sunday morning we slept in until 9:30 (thank you Kai!!) and finally hit the road at 11:00am.  We decided to stop at Cabela's because Tyson had never been there and we weren't in a hurry to get home anyway.  It was perfect timing to feed Kai as well. 

Just before we got to Clear Lake, my mom sent me a text that they had just gotten home from Missouri and if we "accidentally" took a wrong turn and ended up at their house, it would be okay. :)  Well, we had been planning to stop anyway, but we didn't think our timing would work out.  She caught us just in time too, otherwise we would have already made the turn toward Cedar Falls.  So, off to Dumont we went for Kai's first visit to Nana and Papa's!  When we got there, I realized it was his first visit.  I can't believe it took 6 weeks for us to get there, but they have been visiting us almost every weekend. :)

Kai did great on the way home from Minnesota too.  He slept pretty much the whole way.  I ended up climbing in the back seat and giving him a bottle just before we reached my parents' house.  I think Tyson and I can plan some more long trips now! 

Things that Kai Loves... pictures.
 His swing (and his auntie)

 Tummy time on the Boppy

Bath time (he looks scared, but really he likes

The lights on his gym 

His binky especially these MAM ones we came across (and the Hawkeyes)

Sleeping in his Boppy

Being swaddled (why did I not do this for the past 4 weeks?!)

Stroller rides and his car seat

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

On Sunday, I got to celebrate my FIRST Mother's Day.  I know that every Mother's Day will be special, but I'll never get to celebrate it as a "first" again.

On Saturday, my parents joined us at church and then stayed at our house.  Of course my mom offered to take the night shift with Kai, but I let her sleep.  On Sunday morning, Kai woke up at about 6:30am so I brought him to the living room where Tyson and my dad were already awake.  I wasn't tired enough to go back to sleep (surprisingly) so we hung out and I opened a gift from Tyson and Kai.  It was a bag of candy (Tyson knows me SO well) and a new digital camera! I love it!  When my mom got up, we started on a sewing project for Kai to wear when we walk/run in the Komen Breast Cancer 5k.

Cuddling with Papa

When we were all ready, we headed to the Isle for brunch.  We waited in line for 30 minutes, but it was delicious! 
Burton family

Mom with ALL of her babies!
Mommy and Kai

After brunch, we all went to Malcolm's to spend the day being lazy.  We sat around in the backyard while Ava played in her new sand & water table from Nana and Papa and Kai napped on Aunt Wendy & then Uncle Josh.  Eventually we decided to try out the Malcolm's new Cadillac double stroller, so we put Kai in the infant seat and Ava got to sit shot-gun and we headed over to the park.  We were there for awhile, but when Josh hit me with the frisbee, Tyson cut his hand, Kai was hungry, and Ava's cheeks were bright red, we decided to walk back for some fruit pizza.  We headed home after that and got to Skype with Tyson's mom, Nana, and sister for awhile too.  Then, we spent a few quiet hours as a family of three to end a FABULOUS first Mother's Day!

Hanging out at Malcolm's

Darren & Tyson playing frisbee

Joshie & Ava on the slide

Nana is busy snapping pictures of Kai!

Handsome man!!

Snuggling with mommy

Papa did NOT like that Ava is so brave!

Tyson with the double stroller right between the 2 mini vans!

Hanging out at home!