Tuesday, March 27, 2012

39 weeks

Well, at this point I'm thinking that baby Burton may decide to make a late arrival.  He/She has until next Monday to arrive early or right one time.  Some people at work think that I'm "dropping", however I do not notice it or feel it.  You can be the judge for yourself...

Why would I want Baby Burton to arrive when I have a built-in table?!

Notice any dropping? 
I'm just realizing that I haven't posted pictures of the finished nursery.  Look for those later this week!

Monday, March 19, 2012

38 weeks

2 weeks to go and I'm feeling great!!!  I've noticed that people are no longer asking "When is your due date?" and "How far along are you?" but now I'm hearing "How much longer do you have?"  Obviously I'm noticeably close to my due date! :)

Nothing much to report on this week.  I'm still not experiencing any contractions, but Wendy told me that she started having contractions with Ava at 38weeks 1day (which will be tomorrow!).  We'll see the doctor again on Thursday, but he only checks me at 36 weeks, so these appointments are just the regular weight, pee, blood pressure, measurements, and baby's heartbeat.

Car seat is installed!

Look closely!! I managed to get my toes painted on my own!

Which outfit will Baby Burton come home in???

This outfit is reversible!  How genius is that?!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

37 weeks

Only 20 days to go!!

I haven't been having any contractions, so I think that Baby Burton is planning to hibernate for a little while longer.  Starting last week, we're visiting the doctor weekly now! 

Baby's size became a watermelon last week and that's how it will stay, so no new updates there!  I did read that baby is working on his/her first poop right now! Haha! 

Tyson got the glider back together on Sunday and we put the cushions on.  It looks great!!  My mom was covering the footstool for us, so he still needs to screw that part on.   

I've been staying busy over spring break by doing lots of cleaning and organizing. 

Day 1: laundry and organizing the Tupperware cupboard. 
Day 2: organizing the pantry, cleaning the bedroom/closet, cleaning out & vacuuming my car
Day 3: going to school for a little while to work on report cards and washing the outside of my car
I don't have Thursday and Friday planned yet. :) :)


Tyson's new coffee mug from the Malcolm's!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

36 weeks and a Final Baby Shower!

36 weeks....officially FULL TERM!!! That means that Baby Burton could arrive any time now and be perfectly safe outside of the womb.  What a great feeling! Baby B has also officially graduated to watermelon status! 

I have been feeling some strong movements lately!  My ribs are definitely taking a beating.  I have also been extremely tired!  This week my class is going to the Grout Museum every day from 9:00-2:00 and boy am I tired at the end of the day!!  Three more days before spring break....I know I can make it!! :)

I look really tired.  Long day at the Grout! 

This past weekend I also had my 3rd and final baby shower.  This shower was hosted by my aunts on my mom's side of the family.  Wendy also surprised my mom and I by having one of our foreign exchange students fly in for the weekend!!  What a surprise when they showed up at school on Friday!

The shower was at 10:30am so the food was a breakfast theme.  It was all delicious and I didn't even get to try it all!  I was stuffed!!!  We played a few games, ate, opened gifts, and relaxed.  Everyone also left a piece of advice for me/Tyson.  

Of course we were SHOWERED with gifts again, but at this shower we received our stroller and car seat combo, so now we are OFFICIALLY ready for Baby Burton!!  That was the one item that we were still missing and needed!  

Excited Nana!

Meinders cousins and foreign sister!

Pregnant Sisters: 35 weeks & 20 weeks

Cute decorations

The loot!

Homemade burp cloths made by Nana!!

After the shower, everyone (aunts, uncles, some cousins) all met at my grandma's house to go through the items in her house.  Everyone picked out items that they wanted.  I took home some fun bar glasses, a few tea cups/saucers, a glass pitcher, a little kid rocking chair, and some more sewing items.  The last items of the night were my grandma's jewelry.  She had some pieces with stories behind them as well as some costume jewelry.  There were also pieces that when I think of my grandma, I think of those items.  I got a silver necklace with pearls hanging from it as well as a ring.  However, this ring has a lot of meaning behind it!  I'm so glad I ended up with it.  This ring is a simple gold band that my grandma wore on her pinkie.  It was originally my grandpa's wedding band, but after he passed my grandma had it resized to wear on her pinkie.  It's a little big for my pinkie, so I have it on a necklace right now.