Monday, June 28, 2010

Meinders Wedding, HyVee Triathlon, Father's Day, New Tractor, and a Fiesta!!

Ok ok...I promise I'll get better about this!!

Meinders Wedding - June 12, 2010
I took off on Friday for Jared and Sandy's wedding in Kansas City with the family. Tyson couldn't make it, after we realized at the last minute that the date we THOUGHT the HyVee Triathlon was on....was actually wrong. We had planned on it being June 5. Oops! The race was actually on June 13. :) Anyway, the weekend was great nonetheless. I got to see my family and couldn't have been happier to help the new Mr. and Mrs. Meinders celebrate on their special day!!
Ava looks totally out of it...but she was just mid-blink :)


HyVee Triathlon - June 13, 2010
Tyson competed in the HyVee Triathlon in Des Moines this weekend as well. The race was originally supposed to be an Olympic Distance race, but with storms rolling in, the race was cut in half to a Sprint Distance the morning of the race. Although this was a little disappointing because he was definitely prepared for the longer race, he still PR'd his Sprint time by 4 min!! What a stud! :) Tyson also got to see and spend time with a friend from grad school, Kyle and his wife Kim. They live in Arizona now so it's been several years since they've been able to spend time together! Kyle is originally from Iowa and when they were in grad school Tyson used to make fun of Kyle for being from here and how there was nothing to do in Iowa, etc. Well....looks like someone has changed his perspective. :)

Father's Day - June 20, 2010
After working in the morning, Darren, Wendy, Ava, and Sophie picked us up and we headed to Dumont to spend Father's Day with my parents, brother, and grandpa. Although my parents have a gas grill, my mom had mentioned that my dad really wanted a charcoal grill again like they used to have. We decided this would be a perfect Father's Day gift for my dad. Tyson and I picked it up on Friday in between storms and brought it along on Sunday. When we got to my parents, Tyson and Josh made it their mission to get it put together so my dad could use it to grill supper!


It's starting to look more like a grill!!

Sophie and I

New Lawn Tractor - June 23, 2010
So, after it rained for a week straight, our lawn was in serious need of a cut! However, Tyson and I both knew our push mower was going to struggle through it. Anyway, I set out to mow and it was just ridiculous. The grass was way too long and it took me about twice as long to get through it all. The best part....when I was done, it still looked bad because of all the chopped up grass! This must have been the last straw for Tyson because two days later he was shopping for a lawn "tractor". He found one, purchased it, and it was supposed to arrive on Tuesday. He was all ready to see his new baby!! Sadly, it didn't actually arrive until Wednesday. BUT...Wednesday night, there he was, mowing the lawn. And then he mowed again Thursday (I think), and Sunday as well!! Hahaha!! I must admit, this is going to make mowing so much easier! I haven't used it yet, but hopefully I will soon.

Couple's Shower....Mexican Style - June 26, 2010
Wendy planned a couple's shower for Tyson and I on Saturday night! With the help of my bridesmaids and mom, she threw a GREAT fiesta!! We had a blast!! Nothing beats margaritas (beer for Tyson), tacos, chips & salsa, gifts, and friends/family!!!
When all the guests arrived, Wendy began with the games. The first one we played was to have Tyson blindfolded and feel some of the women's (and Adam's) legs to figure out which pair of legs were mine. However, he didn't get it right!
Then we played The Newlywed Game. The 3 couples were us, Carl & Alissa Ericson, and Adam & Robin Foster. We were each asked 7 questions. Sadly, Tyson and I were the losing couple. The Ericson's won with a whopping 11 pts, followed by the Foster's 10 pts. We came in last with 6 lousy pts! However, I will proudly say that I got Tyson's first vehicle right, as well as his least favorite bill....TAXES!! After the games, we enjoyed some mexican food and drinks, then opened gifts from our wonderful guests, and enjoyed our time with everyone!

I cannot wait to marry this guy! <3

Me with 3 of my 4 bridesmaids! I love these girls!

Wendy and Darren showing how authentic they are!

Tyson and Alissa

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

I'm a little behind on my blogging! I told Tyson that he was more than welcome to update this....but he hasn't taken me up on that yet! :)

Over Memorial Day weekend, Tyson decided to take a much needed few days off work. Usually he works on Saturdays and holidays, but he took off Saturday through Monday! Too bad I had to work all weekend, so we didn't really get to enjoy the extended weekend together. However, Tyson kept busy with some projects! Even though we're a family of two, we have 5 bikes (only 1 is mine). We needed some storage in the garage and Tyson decided to prove me wrong and use the "man tools" he bought a few months ago! He said that I told him he didn't know how to use them....but I don't recall this conversation. Either way, after a morning trip to Ace Hardware to get supplies, Tyson spent the afternoon creating 4 bike racks and 2 golf bag racks.

You might be wondering why he only make 4 bike racks when I mentioned that we have 5 bikes. "Spinderella", which is Tyson's triathlon bike, has a spot where she sits in the office inside the house. :)

Never again will I say that Tyson isn't handy :) Anyone need some projects done? I'm sure he's itching to use those man tools again!

Two of the four bikes!

I tried to get all of them in here.

Golf bag racks.